Photo Tours   – Presentations – New Awards

In March of 2014 I led the first photography tour arranged fully by me to the central Scottish Highlands.  In addition to the unspoiled landscape, the primary motivation of the three nature photographers  who accompanied me on this trip was to be deer, red grouse, reindeer, and mountain hares.  From 2015 until 2019, further trips followed with photographers from Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland which – in addition to the Highlands – expanded to the Hebrides – Islay, Skye, Harris and Lewis.
Furthermore, Svalbard was the destination of several sailings.  On one of the sailings I was the photographic adviser. 

I initially presented “Scotland – Impressions of the Highlands and Costal Landscapes” in May 2013 at the “Glanzlichter” Festival in Fürstenfeldbruck (Bavaria).  I was invited to present the revised and updated version at several nature fairs, among which was the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Luxemburg Nature Photographers  Association as well as in Stapelfeld.  I have also prepared a lecture entitled “Nature Photography in my own Backyard” which I have had the honor of presenting several times.

In 2017 I had good reason to be overly pleased with distinctions I received from various competitions.  The Bio Photo Contest awarded my photos ‘Chamois at Dawn’ and ‘Sheltered from Snow’ as Highly Commended.  The competition “Naturschätze Europas” to which 1 130 photographers from 41 countries submitted their pictures and which resulted in me being awarded with the fifth place for my photo ‘Harvest Man’.